Only 5 More Hours for $1 PLR Sale

Tiffany Dow’s $1 PLR sale is almost over so don’t forget to stock up and save!  She writes well-written articles and she has many packs of PLR.  Even her packs worth $116 are only $1.

Here is the link for the sale: $1 PLR Sale.



  1. says

    Tiffany was my very first connection to Internet Marketing. Fortunately, she cqlukiy taught me what the touchstone of IM should be. I can very proudly say I currently own everyone of her books and 99% of her PLR products (I don’t work in the being-domestic or children’s markets).The best part of following and working with Tiffany is the fact that she insists and teaches the correct way to use PLR -read it first, put your personal voice and writing style to it and rewrite it 70% or so inorder to make it your own.This is a great interview. Thank you for doing it.Holly

    • val says

      Hi Holly – Thank you for your comment and yes to have Tiffany Dow be your first connection to IM is a great thing! You learn the ropes the right way right out of the gate.

      Good luck in your endeavors.


      • says

        Thank you for sharing your exenirepce with Tiffany’s PLR ATM and congratulations in your early sales.This is a great confidence booster for me!Being a fellow Brit, I did wonder how it would work being based in the UK and wanting to sell in the US, and more importantly, as you talk about, how to get sales when you are not well known.Have you done any promoting of your site? Linking, social media etc.How long did it take you to set up the site?I have other things on the go at the moment and whilst I am excited about PLR ATM, I am concerned about time restrictions.Thanks again and I wish you continued success.

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